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Too often, aspiring golfers “get in the way” of their own golf swing. Learn proper golf swing mechanics to make your golf swing “just happen”. Purchase a lesson and see what we can do for your game! We offer individual and group lessons, as well as lesson packages at affordable rates.


At Gabe McGrew Golf you will learn the most important keys to attaining an effective, repeatable golf swing.
These keys are known as " GOLF SWING MECHANICS ". By addressing such areas as Grip, Stance, Posture, body synchronization, and club fit. I will teach you or your child, step by step, how to improve his or her golf swing mechanics to become a more consistent golfer.
We offer lessons from ages 8 to 80+


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**An Initial Flightscope Evaluation is required prior to first premium lesson.

There is a one-time fee of $135.

++ Please Note: Package lessons are to be taken within 30 days of the first lesson. Unused lessons will not carry over to another month.[/vc_column_text]


Hi Gabe. This is Martin Burgess. Just wanted to let you know before our lessons I was shooting 95-100. After 3 sessions with you and some practice I just shot an 81 and my lowest score ever. Thanks!!!
Martin Burgess
Gabe McGrew Fitting- Must Do! I felt like I needed more distance in my driver, so I went to see Gabe before I left for Florida. Well, not only did he fix the problem, but his knowledge of club building made me feel even more confident on the course. If you haven’t done so already, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful person who knows golf club making and teaching. Gabe’s office is the building at the end of the North range. He is a must see people!
Michael Marcelissen
Head Golf Professional / Balcones Country Club
My greatest appreciation to you, Gabe In the summer of 2012, I completed a package of 6 lessons with Gabe. At that time, my handicap was 21. Because of the simple swing techniques and in-depth reasoning behind them that he provides, I was able to easily take Gabe's lessons and apply them to my practice sessions on the driving range and on the course. After the 6-lesson package, I committed to practicing and following up through one session with Gabe every month. With his state-of-the-art technology, Gabe helped me realize in the Spring of 2013 that my aged equipment no longer fit my game, and he assisted me in selecting new clubs. By October of 2013, my handicap was a 13, I had broken 80 for the first time, and I found myself the winner of our club's Women's Golf Association championship. I am grateful to Gabe for his direct, individualized instruction, his ability to evaluate my swing/equipment correspondence, and his continued high expectations for my game. My greatest appreciation to you, Gabe. Thank you for making both the practice of golf and the game of golf more fun for me.
Jamie Nettles
You Can't Go Wrong with Gabe Gabe did a great job with helping me build a solid golf swing that I can play with for a long time. I didn't take up the game of golf until I was 35 years old, so I didn't have the flexibility or strength that I did when I was a teenager. With Gabe's help I am now hitting the ball consistently better and enjoying golf a lot more. You can't go wrong with getting Gabe to help your game. He has worked with me on all aspects of my game: putting, chipping, irons, and driver; and made every area better. He also has worked with me on fitness and stretching to prevent injury and increase the strength of the muscles used in the golf swing. I highly recommend Gabe to anyone looking for a swing coach to help them take their game to the next level.
Andrew Oliver
Mr. McGrew is an Asset to Any Golf Operation I have known Mr. Gabriel McGrew as a teaching pro and a master club fitter for about three years,. I started by taking lessons from Gabe where he identified and helped me to change some of the swing habits I had developed over the years. This is especially helpful for me because I am a disabled veteran with the problems from my left leg injury. He was helping me to overcome the problems which truly is not easy. Golf offers a way to remain active physically and it is a great mental stabilizer in my life. Add to the fact that I am 82 years of age I was swinging clubs that no longer meshed with my physical capabilities. Gabe had me hit all of my clubs using the Flight Scope equipment based on the results at he was able to make recommendations on the type of shaft that should be swinging. We ordered and he re-shafted my full set based on his findings. As a result I was hitting more shots on the sweet spot producing greater accuracy and repeatability He also built to putters for me which has greatly changed my putting game from the standpoint of accuracy and comfort. Mr. McGrew is the type of person that would prove to be an asset to any golf operation.
Eugene J. Simms Ed.D.
Gabe's Honesty and Integrity are Outstanding I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and write a letter of recommendation for Gabe McGrew After moving to Austin from southern California in late 2011, I had the great fortune of being invited to Balcones CC by another member to go over the possibilities of membership and was introduced to the General Manager and subsequently Gabe McGrew. Gabe was introduced as a qualified golf instructor with proven credentials as well as a master club builder. Over the time period of 1year, I have worked with Gabe to lower my handicap in half ( to single digit ). I have had the pleasure of being involved with golf for over 50 years, belonging to 7 private country clubs, in all parts of the U.S. With all the hours of instruction that I have enjoyed over the course of my life, suffice it to say that Gabe is the most knowledgeable, insightful, and respectable golf professional that I have encountered. I now fully understand the mechanics, and more importantly, the cause and effect of the dynamic of the golf swing and the ball reaction. Gabe has taught across the entire age spectrum ( 5-80 years old ), and also improving a friend of mine with Parkinson’s Disease. Tough Task. His dynamic with children and young adults is impressive. If you are reading this because you may want to work with this man, his honesty and integrity are outstanding. I am privileged to call him a friend.
Greg Mann
President / Texas Garrett Group, LLC
Gabe was Awesome Really, Really, Really, Enjoyed my golf lessons which surprised me. I would not normally take lessons from a guy because they don't always appreciate the differences in male female body mechanics. I was in Austin on business and Gabe was recommended to me from a co-worker. Gabe was awesome! He paid close attention to what my body did and crafted his instruction accordingly. It was nice and easy no pressure or frustration on my part. Gabe has an easy going delivery and gives you not just instructions on what to do but also an understanding of why and how it helps your game. I'm hitting the ball in the direction consistently where I want to go and 20 to 30 yards further from 4 lessons. I can't say thank you enough for your help! Next we work on chipping! Thanks Gabe! 🙂
Lynette Blatch

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