We are proud to offer the Variable Fit Interchange System, a comprehensive fitting experience that will elevate your golf game. Golf clubs should be made to fit the golfer, not for the golfer to fit the clubs! We can custom grind your wedges, adjust your loft and lie so that your clubs work to your greatest advantage. We specialize in quality full-service repair with a quick turn-around time so that you can get back in the swing as soon as possible!

We also custom fit putters including :

Counter Balancing

Loft & Lie Change

Lengthen or Shorten Shaft

Have your clubs serviced and receive peace of mind knowing that the work will be done right the first time.

Fitting/Repair Services:

  • Re-shafts
  • Lengthen or Shorten Clubs
  • Change swing weight
  • Check and adjust Loft and Lie on clubs
  • Remove rattle from heads
  • Remove broken shaft
  • Tighten loose heads
  • Custom grind wedges
  • Golf club fitting
  • Flightscope Launch monitor Fittings: Woods and Irons

Gabe McGrew Golf also offers “Tour Issue Only Shafts” from UST MAMIYA, True Temper PFC, America’s leading golf club shaft manufacturer.

Club Repair Service Fees

  • Re-Shafts $25.00 Ea.
  • Bore-thru Re-shaft $35.00 Ea.
  • Re-Grip $4.00 Ea.
  • Lengthen Club $10.00 Ea.
  • Shorten Club $5.00 Ea.
  • Change swing weight (tungsten powder) $25.00 Ea.
  • Change swing weight (Irons Tip weight) $30.00 Ea.
  • Check Loft & Lie $5.00 Ea.
  • Loft & Lie Adjustment $10.00 Ea. ( Select Ping Irons $13.00 Ea. )
  • Remove rattle from head or shaft $25.00 Ea.
  • Remove broken shaft $15.00 Ea.
  • Remove broken shaft (Ping) $35.00 Ea.
  • Tighten loose head $25.00 Ea.
  • Tighten loose head (Ping) $30.00 Ea.
  • Custom Grind Wedge $35.00 Ea.
  • Putter Adjustment $30.00 Ea.

Putter Fitting

  • Putter Fitting includes Length, Lie and Loft changes, Counter Balancing with personalized setup for putter $150.00

FlightScope Services


Students experience a more rapid learning curve using FlightScope feedback combined with swing video.
An instructor can provide much more effective guidance using FlightScope data together with swing video analysis. Custom club fitting software and analysis tools provide valuable information to improve any golfer’s game compared to using swing video analysis alone. The Acceleration Profile measured by FlightScope provides an instantaneous measure of the quality of the golf shaft fit for the player being tested.
FlightScope brings to College Golf the most advanced and cost-effective 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology in the world.

I know you work with players who want to improve daily and FlightScope allows you, the coach, to meet the high standards you set for your players and program. FlightScope is easy to use and is flexible, featuring indoor and outdoor capabilities in one unit.

Proven to be the most accurate 3D tracking radar

It's easy to understand why the majority of PGA Professionals these days are using FlightScope. One word says it all – Accuracy!

Flightscope Fitting

  • Driver Fitting $150.00
  • All Woods $250.00
  • Gap Analysis Irons: $350.00
  • Golf Club Fitting (FlightScope) $150.00

Flightscope Analysis

  • I will travel to your location for personal FlightScope analysis $150.00/hour
  • FlightScope plus video $175.00/hour

All data/pictures will be emailed to customer

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